Playmobil Scan: Playmobil - The Movie Foodtruck

Type: Augmented Reality Scene for Playmobil Scan App
Scenario: Own Band/Licensing for "Playmobil the Movie" - Del's Foodtruck, with Del, Marla, Robotitron and Rex Dasher
Project Responsibilities: LowPoly Models from CAD Data, Materials and Texturing, Rigging (Rigify/Blender), some additional object animations, Unity Scene Setup and Particle systems
Software used: Blender (retopo/modeling/UVmap, Rigging, Animation), Substance Painter (Baking, Texturing), Unity 2018.4 (Scene Setup, Particles)

The character animations were done by one of my colleagues.

Playmobil is a registered Trademark of geobra Brandstätter Stiftung und Co KG
ON Animation Studios / DMG Entertainment